Essential of physical chemistry by Bahl A., et al.

By Bahl A., et al.

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SOLUTION. 5 × 1014 sec– 1 = Also, wave number ν = ν = 1 λ 1 400 × 10−9 m = 25 × 105 m–1 SOLVED PROBLEM. 09 × 1014 sec– 1. Calculate the wavelength of the light in nanometers. c SOLUTION. 09 = 589 × 10–9 m = = 589 nm [∵ 1 nm = 10–9 m] SPECTRA A spectrum is an array of waves or particles spread out according to the increasing or decreasing of some property. An increase in frequency or a decrease in wavelength represent an increase in energy. THE ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRUM Electromagnetic radiations include a range of wavelengths and this array of wavelengths is referred to as the Electromagnetic radiation spectrum or simply Electromagnetic spectrum.

17 × 10–11 erg per atom. (Kalayani BSc, 2005) Answer. 1220 Å A line at 434 nm in Balmer series of spectrum corresponds to a transition of an electron from the nth to 31. 2nd Bohr orbit. What is the value of n ? (Gulbarga BSc, 2006) 32. Answer. n = 5 The energy transition in hydrogen atom occurs from n = 3 to n = 2 energy level. 097 × 107 m–1). (i) Calculate the wavelength of the emitted electron (ii) Will this electron be visible ? (iii) Which 33. Answer. 41 × 10–12 erg respectively. Calculate the wavelength of the emitted radiation when the electron spectrum series does this photon belong to ?

Rule 3. It is not necessary for an orbit to be completed before another commences to be formed. In fact, a new orbit begins when the outermost orbit attains 8 electrons. Rule 4. The outermost orbit cannot have more than 2 electrons and next-to-outermost cannot have more than eight so long as the next inner orbit, in each case, has not received the maximum electrons as required by rule (1). 4. ELECTRON CONFIGURATION OF INERT GASES Inert Gas Atomic Number 1st (K) 2nd (L) Helium (He) Neon (Ne) Argon (Ar) Krypton (Kr) Xenon (Xe) Radon (Rn) 2 10 18 36 54 86 2 2 2 2 2 2 – 8 8 8 8 8 Electron Orbits 3rd (M) 4th (N) – – 8 18 18 18 – – – 8 18 32 5th (O) – – – – 8 18 6th (P) – – – – – 8 A complete statement of the electron configuration of elements elucidating the various postulates of Bohr-Bury scheme is given in the table on page 31 for ready reference.

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