Formalization of Natural Languages by Dr. Peter Kümmel (auth.)

By Dr. Peter Kümmel (auth.)

The try to simulate dialogues in normal Language through a laptop calls for vast analyses of typical Language's expression and content material phenomena. rigorously deducted normal legislation has to be extracted. A department of all current ordinary Languages into service structures of a) agglutinated and b) remoted mor­ phological buildings seems to be of significant importance. hence morphology will be basically separated from syntax. whereas morphology issues structural phenomena, syntax refers to practical customs and ideas of language expressions. Expression morphologies of traditional language structures like English, French, German or, Russian convey tightly agglutinated features. A smaller component to ordinary Language service platforms presents morphologies of significantly much less levels of agglutination. between them are ideographic-, pictographic-and, gesture platforms in addition to air-controller and kids languages inside of a definite section of improvement. occasionally totally self-explanatory or content-related expression devices inside of provider structures of remoted morphologies warrantly major insights into phenomena of normal Language's content material. for that reason reviews on average Language expression buildings can by no means be restricted completely to auditive and phonographic morphologies. additionally they contain delivery technique of ideo- and pictogenetic features, that allows you to evaluation morphology and syntax distinctively. the method of formalizing usual Languages is extremely interdisciplinary. It includes 1) studying, 2) attainable enumerating, three) optimizing, and four) synthesizing methods. beside the point domain names of formalization excesses are refrained from via holding strictly to definitions demarcating normal from synthetic languages. Comparative reviews of agglutinated in addition to remoted morphologies are necessary.

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According to Hartley, the information quality (or as he called it: the information value) can be calculated by the logarithm dualis of n; DV = ld n bit. When Hartley later realized that evaluations of information quality involve considerably more details than the logarithm dualis of all potential decision choices, he immediately ceased further commentaries and stopped this line 28 2. Historical Survey on Formalization Efforts of Natural Languages of research. But Shannon and Weaver took up the ideas of Hartley, hoping to achieve greater results.

Though numerous restricted vocabulary treasuries became known in the past, the preceding examples indicate a high-priority value of restricted corpi, both for theoretical and practical purposes. In theory only a brief glance into the micro conditions will offer insights into classification and association facts among meanings. The stated example of the meaning sand-glass leads the way to further investigations. The application of restricted vocabularies for computerized or automation purposes has been shown in the Knoxville Automatic VFR Advisory Service.

Modern work in generative grammar is simply an attempt to give an explicit account of how these finite means are put to infinite use in particular languages and to discover the deeper properties that define human language in general, that is, the properties that constitute universal grammar". With Chomsky a large group of language structuralists exists which represents similar views and publishes similar ideas like Chomsky's. ). But they do not recognize the fact that syntax analyses of agglutinated morphologies alone will never produce satisfactory results.

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