Free for All: How LINUX and the Free Software Movement by Peter Wayner

By Peter Wayner

Linux:Poised for international Domination?A revolution is sweeping the software program international -- one who threatens to tug even the strong Microsoft company from its throne. invoice Gates and his company's rule over the software program via their tight regulate of Microsoft home windows is dealing with their largest problem ever -- a brand new competitor that can not be received, coopted, or manipulated with any of the normal instruments of company energy. Its name:Linux.Free for All is the tale of a bunch of committed software program hackers from all over the world who, of their spare time, created an "open" working procedure that competitors and in lots of methods surpasses Microsoft's. Peter Wayner, a author whose insurance of expertise looks usually within the big apple occasions and Salon journal, tells a desirable story of the way an easy proposal growing and giving freely an "open" working method that individuals can swap and customise -- sparked a grass-roots flow between programmers and revolutionized the software program business.Free for All is going backstage, telling us concerning the creators and clients of Linux. alongside how you will meet the leaders of this revolution, together with Richard Stallman, who based the unfastened software program stream , Linus Torvalds, the coding genius and Stallman disciple, who grew to become the grasp and coordinator of the evolving approach (and named it after himself), and so forth who aided and nurtured the transforming into unfastened software program flow. you will find out how and why they gave their code away at no cost, threatening the Redmond, Washington, giant's hegemony and spawning an entire new of Linux-related businesses and software.You also will examine the place the Linux circulate goes and the way it's prone to impact the high-tech and, finally, the pcs you employ at domestic and at the activity. As clean and fascinating as state-of-the-art headlines and tomorrow's IPOs, the tale of Linux is simply starting. this is Act I.

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Free for All: How LINUX and the Free Software Movement Undercut the High-Tech Titans

Linux:Poised for global Domination? A revolution is sweeping the software program global -- one who threatens to drag even the effective Microsoft company from its throne. invoice Gates and his company's rule over the software program via their tight keep an eye on of Microsoft home windows is dealing with their greatest problem ever -- a brand new competitor that cannot be got, coopted, or manipulated with any of the conventional instruments of company energy.


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The work on the project needs to split up. The volunteers need to organize themselves so that great software can be written. On that January 14, a new member of the WINE list was learning just how volunteering works. The guy posted a note to the list that described his Diamond RIO portable music device that lets you listen to MP3 files whenever you want. “I think the WINE development team should drop everything and work on getting this program to work as it doesn’t seem like Diamond wants to release a Linux utility for the Rio,” he wrote.

Stallman got to distribute his source code. Stallman got to share with others. Stallman got to build his reputation. Programmers raved about Stallman’s Emacs. People played GNU Chess at their offices. Others were donating their tools to the GNU project. Everyone was getting some attention by sharing except the folks at Berkeley who collaborated with AT&T. This started to rub people the wrong way. Something had to be done, and the folks at Berkeley started feeling the pressure. Some at Berkeley wondered why the professors had entered into such a Faustian bargain with a big corporation.

Microsoft employees are fiercely loyal and often more dedicated to the cause than the average worker bee. Bill Gates built the company from scratch with the help of several college friends, and this group maintains tight control over all parts of the empire. The flavor of the organization is set by one man with the mind and the ego to micromanage it all. Now consider the image of the members of the free software revolution. Practically every newspaper article and colorful feature describing the group talks about a ragtag army of scruffy, bearded programmers who are just a bit too pale from spending their days in front of a computer screen.

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