General, Organic, and Biochemistry: An Applied Approach by James Armstrong

By James Armstrong

Targeting key themes vital in allied well-being and nursing careers, this enticing booklet is perfect for readers who've had no previous publicity to chemistry. Emphasizing problem-solving innovations, the publication takes the main direct route to biomolecules and metabolic approaches, presents a wealth of labored examples to assist readers comprehend key chemical innovations, comprises novel and appropriate "Health Notes" within the margins, and weaves organic and scientific functions all through.

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macromolecules containg metal and metal-like elements (boron-containing polymers

This sequence presents an invaluable, applications-oriented discussion board for the subsequent new release of macromolecules and fabrics. functions contain non-linear optical fabrics, area of expertise magnetic fabrics, liquid crystals, anticancer and antiviral medicines, remedy of arthritis, antibacterial medications, antifouling fabrics, therapy of definite diet deficiencies, electric conductors and semiconductors, piezoelectronic fabrics, electrodes, UV absorption purposes, super-strength fabrics, particular lubricants and gaskets, selective catalytic and multi-site catalytic brokers.

Polymer Chemistry: Introduction to an Indispensable Science

Here’s an engaging statistic: greater than 1/2 all chemists paintings on a few point of polymers. for prime college academics who are looking to introduce polymer technological know-how fundamentals, houses, and makes use of, this publication is uniquely helpful—much deeper than easy monographs or collections of experiments, yet even more obtainable than collage texts.

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Simplifying the advanced chemical reactions that ensue in daily during the well-stated solutions for greater than six hundred universal chemistry questions, this reference is the go-to consultant for college students and pros alike. The e-book covers every thing from the heritage, significant personalities, and groundbreaking reactions and equations in chemistry to laboratory ideas all through historical past and the newest advancements within the box.

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B) Julia’s car weighs 980 kg. c) Mai runs 3 cm every morning before breakfast. d) My fingernails are about 12 mm long. e) It takes 55 ␮L of gas to fill my car. f) This computer weighs 18 mg. g) We will need 8 L of soft drinks for our picnic. 2 Measurements in Science: Precision and Accuracy Mr. Jones is concerned about his cholesterol level, so his doctor orders a serum cholesterol test for him. The lab carries out the test twice, using two portions of the same blood sample. The first test result is 174 mg/dL, while the second result is 172 mg/dL.

6. 1 yard ϭ 3 feet 1 mile ϭ 1760 yards ϭ 5280 feet These numbers can be hard to remember, and they make it difficult to express an English measurement using a different unit. By contrast, metric relationships are based on powers of ten: 1 cm ϭ 1/100 m (10Ϫ2 m) 1 km ϭ 1000 m (103 m) 16 CHAPTER 1 | Measurements in Science and Medicine Copyright 2010 Cengage Learning. All Rights Reserved. May not be copied, scanned, or duplicated, in whole or in part. Due to electronic rights, some third party content may be suppressed from the eBook and/or eChapter(s).

Therefore, we must move the decimal point six places to the right, adding six zeroes as we do so. 000000 Adding a couple of commas to make this number more legible, we see that 1 kilometer equals 1,000,000 millimeters. TRY IT YOURSELF: What is the relationship between micrometers and centimeters? 26. Health Note: Water filters for backpackers typically have pores that are between 100 and 300 nm, preventing bacteria and other microorganisms (but not viruses) from passing through the filter. Other Metric Prefixes Are Used for Specialized Applications The metric system has many other prefixes that are used to express larger or smaller amounts than the common units we have already seen.

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