German Forces and the British Army: Interactions and by M. Wishon

By M. Wishon

This ebook examines the partnerships among Britain's famed redcoats and the international corps that have been a constant and beneficial a part of Britain's army endeavors within the eighteenth century. whereas such a lot histories have portrayed those institutions as fraught with discord, a research of eyewitness debts tells a unique tale.

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Though there were some differences in the manner of fighting and tactics of armies, most theoreticians or professional soldiers would find obedience, bravery, good stamina, discipline, and proficiency in manoeuvres, marching and fighting, to be the chief priorities – and notions of these traits were largely equivalent. Furthermore, the technological similarities, and the parity in these advances among European states, became a homogenizing force as each nation sought parity with one another by adopting their innovations.

42 German Forces and the British Army The following chapters will each in turn focus on a different relationship, or a particular episode, where these themes of national character and transnational professionalism will play out within the writings of the participants. The resulting opinions will reveal that while the public at-large may have been focused on stereotypes, British soldiers had their own discourses about difference, which usually pertained to their own profession. Whereas Goldsmith would pine for the days where all men were ‘citizens of the world’, in reality, he could have turned to the armies of Western Europe, where there was indeed a surprising amount of commonality – an ironic contrast to the reasons for which these armies were created.

Though this book will include a number of accounts of soldiers travelling through the Holy Roman Empire, they were by no means alone. 5 Of these, the British tourists have received the most attention in modern scholarship, and indeed, did much to shape opinions of those back home in Britain. 6 Here impressions of Germany would share a number of similarities to the accounts of soldiers themselves. This was due, in part, to the influence of famous travel diaries, which would encourage some soldiers to write descriptions of the peoples, places and foods they encountered in a similar style, either for private reflection or public consumption.

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