Getting started with CouchDB by MC Brown

By MC Brown

CouchDB is a brand new breed of database for the net, geared to fulfill the desires of today’s dynamic internet purposes. With this concise creation, you’ll find out how CouchDB’s easy version for storing, processing, and gaining access to facts makes it perfect for the kind of info and quick reaction clients now call for out of your applications—and how effortless CouchDB is to establish, install, preserve, and scale.

The code-packed examples during this e-book might help you the way to paintings with records, populate an easy database, reflect info from one database to a different, and a number of alternative tasks.

  • Install CouchDB on Linux, Mac OS X, home windows, or (if you need to) from the resource code
  • Interact with facts via CouchDB’s RESTful API, and use normal HTTP operations, resembling positioned, GET, put up, and DELETE
  • Use Futon—CouchDB’s web-based interface— to control databases and files, and to configure replications
  • Learn tips on how to create, replace, and delete files in JSON layout, and the way to create and delete databases
  • Work with layout records to get the formatting and indexing your program requires

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Once the design document has been uploaded, CouchDB can start making use of it. The remainder of the interaction with the design document definition is the same as with a standard document. title + '

' }" } } The JSON returned here is formatted for clarity, but you can see that we get the entire document definition back again, plus the _id and _rev fields automatically added by CouchDB. Note here that the _id field is _design/recipes, the URL path of the design document as it was stored into the system.

Because we’ve tried to delete the document without telling CouchDB that we know what the current revision is. The failsafe is acting again to ensure that we don’t just blindly delete a document that we think we know about. rev=2-77b8d2ee630bd017122ea2fe0b10a8b4 {"ok":true,"id":"lasagne","rev":"3-3ba3659cc3189cc87bb070cf5568ea39"} Success! Note that we have been given a new revision. Thought you were deleting the document, right? The revision in this instance is also there because when replicating documents we need to know that a document has been deleted.

Keywords[i], null); } } }", "reduce": "_count" }, When querying, we have to specify the group level (the default is 0, which would provide a count of all the rows generated by emit()). group_level=1 The reduce function within a view is optional, but if defined, the reduce function is automatically applied to the view output. You can switch this off by adding the reduce=false option to the query.

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