Grand Theories and Ideologies in the Social Sciences by Howard J. Wiarda (editor)

By Howard J. Wiarda (editor)

The publication is a comparative research of the entire significant social science/political technological know-how grand theories.  It specializes in developmentalism, dependency concept, the area platforms process, Marxism, institutionalism, rational selection, psychoanalysis, political sociology, sociobiology, environmentalism, neuro-politics, transitions to democracy, and non-Western structures of analysis.  To facilitate comparability and research, a standard framework and description are hired throughout.  An integrating creation and end support tie the e-book jointly.

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Twelfth, some critics even argued that all this development “nonsense” was a strategy for the United States to keep its position of international power and to continue dominating and controlling the Third World. 20 Sidney Verba eloquently characterized the decline of developmentalism: In the old days graduate students might have gone into the field as barefoot empiricists. Today they go equipped with elaborate systems models. These models are important as part of the intellectual equipment of the students of political systems, but they are not exactly appropriate footgear to replace the barefoot empiricism.

Although developmentalism is right that economic growth and equitable social reform should be supported in the developing world, the United States has lost its credibility in many places. S. development efforts in non-Western countries have faced increasing levels of resentment and hostility. The only way to overcome these problems is to capitalize on the most useful aspect of developmentalism—its emphasis on economic variables and their influence on social and political variables in political science phenomena.

Overall Assessment Developmentalism made the egregious mistake of assuming that the Western legacy of economic, social, and political development would D e v e l o p m e n t a l i s m T h e n A n d N ow 39 (and should) unfold the same way even in non-Western regions. This assumption casts a pall over developmentalism and the Washington Consensus. However, we should not reject this Grand Theory; rather, we should pull out what can be used and leave the ethnocentrism aside. Developmentalism’s focus on economics provides useful and practical insight into comparative politics.

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