Greek Anthology by W.R. Paton

By W.R. Paton

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Rh Se x^p'^O" lephv iv irepi^iXo)- iKaiav fxkv avaddWet (pat^po7s Tots K\oiSots, irt]v T7JV i -npCoTov airo^pexopMi. tlkto) ^' uirepelaia leKva, Bo-Xov oWvfMei'OJv av8pe<; Be, HaKC, /BpoTMV uKos, €pKO<; dydivoiv.

KuI TrapOtvuv yvvaiKu-^, eifil Ka\ Ka-T tTOV TLKT(0 TTUpOeVU^ OIKTU JVlf)']. (pa (f)iX>j r) Be fie ^t>oLf3(W ttoXXuki Baioptvij. ij^ci'i elXoi' iivev Boparos' 46 ——— PROBLEMS, RIDDLES, ORACLES 40. Enigma There are two sisters gernian one gives birth to the other, and herself having brought forth is born from the other, so that being sisters and of one blood they are actually sisters and mothers in ; common. Ansircr to this and the foUojving 41. 1 1 she is. Day and Night. 'X my mother and am born from her, am sometimes larger, sometimes smaller than BRING forth and : 42.

Pi/thagoras Anstvers thee then, Polycrates. Half of them are occupied with belles lettres a quarter apply thenaselves to studying immortal nature a seventh are all intent on silence and the eternal discourse of their hearts. There are also three women, and above the rest is Theano. That is the number of interpreters of the Muses I gather round me. I will tell ; ; Solution : 28(14 + 7 + 2. On 1 + 3). Problem of Pallas a Statue Pallas, am of beaten gold, but the gold is the of lusty poets. Charisius gave half the gold, Thespis one-eighth, Solon one-tenth, and Themison one-twentieth, but the remaining nine talents and the workmanship are the gift of Aristodicus.

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