Handbook of Proteolytic Enzymes. Aspartic and Metallo by Alan J. Barrett, J. Fred Woessner and Neil D. Rawlings

By Alan J. Barrett, J. Fred Woessner and Neil D. Rawlings (Eds.)

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5 A proposed configuration of the two aspartic acid residues and the bound water in the HIV proteinase structure as deduced from ab initio molecular dynamics simulations (Piana & Carloni, 2000). 1). , 2001) of a transition state analog inhibitor, H261, complexed to endothiapepsin has determined with reasonable certainty the protonation states of the active-site groups in this reduced peptide complex. e. negatively charged, and Asp219 (215) is protonated. 3(B) and (C). It would have been more convincing had the neutron study been undertaken with an inhibitor that more closely represented the transition state, such as the hydrated difluorostatone.

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