Hanoverian London, 1714-1808 by George Rudé

By George Rudé

During this survey of the lifetime of London in the course of the eighteenth century, Professor impolite outlines the most issues within the improvement of the city, and bargains with each point of the best capital urban in Europe: the actual development of the city either as a capital and as a residential region; financial existence and communications; social sessions, social lifestyles and the humanities; the small investors, craftsmen wage-earners and the bad; faith and the church buildings; executive and management, and the bewildering medley of controlling and contending our bodies; the function of London within the political and monetary lifetime of the kingdom; the equipment of political manipulation; the virtually non-stop competition to the court docket and govt; the outbreaks of social protest from under; trades unions, moves, commercial riots and the mob; the emergence of Radicalism and the phenomenon of Wilkes; the altering development of London in the course of the French Wars and close to the 19th century.

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Sheep came from Lincoln and Leicestershire, bullocks from Kent, cattle from Wales and the Highlands of Scotland, those from Anglesea and Skye having to swim the first part of their journey to the mainland. Paving stones for London's houses came from the quarries of Dorset and Kent (and also from Aberdeen). Hereford sent bacon and both Hereford and Devon sent cider. From Surrey came Dork­ ing capon and oats and meal from the Croydon market and vegetables from the Lambeth market-gardens. Chichester, in Sussex, sent com and meal.

1 1921; T. C. Barker and Michael Robbins, A History ofLondon Transport, 1963, vol. 1, pp. 1-10; A Tour, vol. I, pp. 117-32, 343-6. 24 Hanoverian London : IJI4-I8o8 entirely dependent on horse transport. Corn from the granaries of the Upper Thames basin, the Farnham area of Surrey, the east midlands counties, Kent and East Anglia came variously down the Wey, the Lea, up the Thames estuary, or by the 'long sea' route around the Kentish coast. And the largest consignments of all - 'sea-coal' from Newcastle ­ continued to arrive, in ever larger quantities, by coastwise shipping and river barge : the value of cargoes was said to be £r,8oo,ooo in 1796, and that year there were 1,200 barges employed in the delivery of coal out of a total of 2,soo lighters and I,ooo other small craft afloat on London's A part of this traffic was diverted to inland waterways after the London branch of the Grand Trunk Canal opened in 18oi, thus allowing river.

Economic Life 23 constructed by the turnpike commissioners since 1697; and Defoe, having taken careful stock of the roads to Harwich, to York and Scotland, Baldock and Bedford, Derby, Worcester and Holyhead, and having noted such improvements as had been made, concludes nevertheless sadly that 'the land trade of England has been greatly obstructed by the exceeding badness of the roads'. 1 But bad as they were, the roads carried a large volume of this traffic. Cattle from Scotland, Wales and Kent and sheep from Lincoln and Leicester trudged many a weary mile to market; and, in one of his most colourful and most quoted passages,.

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