Holy resilience : the Bible's traumatic origins by David M. Carr

By David M. Carr

Human trauma gave beginning to the Bible, indicates eminent spiritual student David Carr. The Bible’s skill to talk to pain is a massive the reason is, the sacred texts of Judaism and Christianity have retained their relevance for hundreds of thousands of years. In his attention-grabbing and provocative reinterpretation of the Bible’s origins, the writer tells the tale of the way the Jewish humans and Christian group needed to adapt to outlive a number of catastrophes and the way their holy scriptures either mirrored and strengthened each one religion’s resilient nature.
Carr’s thought-provoking research demonstrates what number of the valuable tenets of biblical faith, together with monotheism and the assumption of soreness as God’s retribution, are components that supplied Judaism and Christianity with the energy and adaptability to suffer within the face of catastrophe. additionally, the writer explains how the Jewish Bible was once deeply formed by means of the Jewish exile in Babylon, an occasion that it hardly ever describes, and the way the Christian Bible used to be likewise formed by means of the unspeakable disgrace of getting a crucified savior.

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Israel moved through its Assyrian crisis with an illusion of invulnerability, dismissing prophetic warnings and seeing its usual strategies for survival fail. Not so for Judah. When Judah came under the covenantal yoke of Assyria, its people could recall how things ended up when Israel came under the same yoke. Israel’s destruction by the Assyrians hit close to home. The two peoples had been linked for centuries in complicated ways. Judah and Israel both inhabited the hills of Canaan, sharing a common lifestyle, culture, and religion.

The organized military power of the Philistines was too much for the voluntary army of Israelites to handle. The future existence of “Israel” was in question. When Saul was killed in battle, the Israelite tribes took radical action. They chose a leader from outside Israel. His name was David, and he was a mercenary from the tribe of Judah who had even worked for a Philistine king for a time. David accepted leadership of the Israelite tribes, defeated his former Philistine allies, and went on to military victories over other neighboring peoples.

Even prophets speaking more than a century later, in the 700s BCE, reflect this basic division. 7 Not so with Hosea, the only truly Israelite prophet whose words are collected in the Bible. He alludes to Genesis’s stories of Jacob founding the sanctuary at Bethel and wrestling God at Penuel (Hosea 12:3–4, 12). Hosea also knows traditions now in Exodus and Numbers about Moses leading Israel out of Egypt (Hosea 12:13), and about Israel wandering in the wilderness (Hosea 9:10, 12:9). These Hoseanic references to stories found in Genesis, Exodus and Numbers are the earliest datable references to those traditions anywhere in the Bible.

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