How to Tune and Modify Automotive Engine Management Systems by Jeff Hartman

By Jeff Hartman

Realizing gasoline injection and engine administration platforms is the most important to extracting larger functionality from today’s vehicles in a secure, trustworthy, and driveable fashion.

Turbochargers, superchargers, nitrous oxide, excessive compression ratios, radical camshafts: all are recognized to make horsepower, yet with out right realizing and regulate of gas injection and different digital engine administration platforms, those renowned power-adders won't ever reside as much as their power and, at worst, could cause dear engine damage.

Drawing on a wealth of data and adventure and a heritage of greater than 1,000 journal articles at the topic, engine-control professional Jeff Hartman explains every little thing from the fundamentals of gas injection to the development of advanced undertaking automobiles. Hartman covers the most recent advancements in fuel-injection and engine administration expertise utilized via either international and family brands, together with well known aftermarket systems.

No different ebook available in the market covers the topic of engine administration platforms from as many angles and as comprehensively as this book.

Through his non-stop journal writing, writer Jeff Hartman is often updated with the most recent fuel-injection and engine administration items and platforms.

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GM computers have a small cover that allows access to the PROM. Remove it and gently unplug the stock PROM from its socket (it is very easy to bend or break the multiple prongs, especially without a PROM-puller tool). Now carefully plug in the new PROM and reinstall the cover plate. In some cases, you may want to clean the PROM socket with proper solvent. In the case of Ford EEC-IV vehicles, you’ll be adding a power module available from companies like Hypertech, which plugs into the diagnostic port on the EEC-IV computer, superseding the stock chip that stays in place.

Injection pulse width tables can be translated to VE by converting to pulse width, then dividing each number into the derived pulse width for 100 percent VE. Pulse width must subsequently be corrected for actual air and engine temperature when the engine is running. Some engine management systems such as the Electromotive TEC3 enable a tuner to toggle the user-presentation of the table between injection pulse width numbers, VE-type percentage numbers, and plus or minus offset from 100 percent VE (achievable on performance engine boosted with power-adders or intake and exhaust tuned to take advantage of high-rpm resonation effects).

This type of user interface is much less flexible and powerful than a laptop but is simpler to tune and can work very well for some applications. Hilborn perfect stoichiometric air/fuel ratio at idle and light cruise, but some modern full authority engine management systems have used oxygen-pump wideband sensors to measure a wide range of air/fuel ratios at engine loading up to and including maximum loading at full throttle. Many OEM ECUs modify their base fuel calculations semi-permanently as they accumulate data in block learn-type tables indicating what pulse width corrections have been required historically to achieve stoichiometric combustion in a particular engine (with a particular driver, perhaps), and as injectors and other engine parts age or wear out.

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