HTML, the definitive guide by Chuck Musciano

By Chuck Musciano

I'm taking an HTML classification and this e-book is a brilliant reference, as convenient because the on-line W3C pages, which i take advantage of frequently.

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If boolean values are usually generated by comparisons, they are generally used in JavaScript control structures. For example, the if/else statement in JavaScript will perform one action if a boolean value is true and another action if the value is false. Generally, we will combine a comparison that creates a boolean value directly with a statement that uses it. The result looks like this: if (a == 4) b = b + 1; else a = a + 1; This code checks if a equals 4. If so, it adds 1 to b; otherwise, it adds 1 to a.

Any kind of comparison operation in JavaScript yields a boolean value that specifies whether the comparison succeeded or failed. Since there are two possible truth values, there are two boolean literals: the keywords true or false. = true) { ... if ((a == true) || (b == false) || (i > 10)) done = true; } The null Literal There is one final literal used in JavaScript: the null keyword. All other literals represent a value of a particular data type. null is different--it represents a lack of value.

3 Strings strings are a type of object. In fact, strings are a distinct JavaScript data type. They use object syntax for accessing properties and methods, but they are not themselves objects. We'll see just why this is at the end of this chapter. Note that JavaScript does not have a char or character data type, like C, C++, and Java do. To represent a single character, you simply use a string that has a length of 1. 4 boolean Values The number and string data types have an infinite number of possible values.

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