HTML & XHTML Pocket Reference: Quick, Comprehensive, by Jennifer Niederst Robbins

By Jennifer Niederst Robbins

This booklet is excellent when you are trying to find a html/xhtml Reference consultant. This has helped me tremendously in my Intro. to internet programing type. there are numerous attributes to understand for html/xhtml programing and having this ebook in entrance of me is helping whilst i am getting to at least one i do not recognize.

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Content may be presented visually (as in a graphical browser window) or aurally (by a screen reader). There may only be one body element in a document. In HTML documents, it is optional; in XHTML it is required. Notes All of the presentational attributes for the body are deprecated in (X)HTML and have been dropped from HTML5 in favor of style sheet controls. 01 and 5: Optional/Optional; XHTML: Required/ Required Attributes Core, Internationalization, Events; plus onload and onunload HTML5 Global Attributes; plus onafterprint, onbeforeprint, onbeforeunload, onblur, onerror, onfocus, onhashchange, onload, onmessage, onoffline, ononline, onpagehide, onpageshow, onpopstate, onredo, onresize, onstorage, onundo, and onunload alink="#rrggbb" or "color name" Deprecated.

Ogg" autoplay controls> This browser doesn't support audio elements. 01 | HTML5 . . Renders the enclosed text in a bold font. Authors are advised to use the strong element when semantically correct. Notes In HTML5, the b element is slightly redefined as text that is emboldened without intending any extra importance, such as a keyword or a product name. . 01 | HTML5 HTML: ; XHTML: or Specifies the base pathname for all relative URLs in the document.

Some applets require the use of applet. Start/End Tags Required/Required Attributes Core align="left|right|top|middle|bottom" Aligns the applet and allows text to wrap around it (same as image alignment). alt="text" Provides alternate text if the applet cannot be displayed. archive="URLs" Provides a space-separated list of URLs with classes to be preloaded. applet | 23 code="class" Required. Specifies the class name of the code to be executed. codebase="URL" Specifies the URL from which the applet code is retrieved.

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