Hydroxyl, Ether and Peroxide Groups (1993)

Chapter 1 normal and theoretical points of the ?OH, ?O? and ?O?O? teams: Integration of idea and scan (pages 1–39): Peter Politzer and Jane S. Murray
Chapter 2 Structural chemistry of chosen periods of alcohols, ethers and peroxides (pages 41–86): Israel Goldberg
Chapter three Chiroptical houses of alcohols, ethers and peroxides (pages 87–102): A. Gedanken
Chapter four Thermochemistry of ethers, alcohols, arenols, enols and peroxides (pages 103–200): Suzanne W. Slayden and Joel F. Liebman
Chapter five Analytical equipment for alcohols, phenols, ethers and peroxides (pages 201–240): Walter T. Smith and John M. Patterson
Chapter 6 ESR and NMR spectroscopy (pages 241–297): Jim Iley and Peter G. Taylor
Chapter 7 Photoelectron spectroscopy of alcohols, phenols, ethers and peroxides (pages 299–371): M. Eckert?Maksic
Chapter eight Mass spectrometry of alcohols and ethers (pages 373–403): Frantisek Turecek
Chapter nine digital results of ether and hydroxyl teams (pages 405–472): John Shorter
Chapter 10 Syntheses and makes use of of isotopically labelled hydroxyl compounds and ethers (pages 473–585): Mieczyslaw Zielinski and Marianna Kanska
Chapter eleven Epoxidation and hydroxylation (pages 587–656): Yasuhiko Sawaki
Chapter 12 Hydroxymethylation through radical intermediates (pages 657–686): Akito Ishida and Setsuo Takamuku
Chapter thirteen Ozonolysis (pages 687–784): Gury Zvilichovsky and Bina Zvilichovsky
Chapter 14 Rearrangements of alcohols, phenols, diols and peroxides (pages 785–841): Gy. Schneider
Chapter 15 Rearrangements of open?chain and cyclic ethers (pages 843–903): M. Bartoak
Chapter sixteen The electrochemistry of hydroxyl teams and ethers (pages 905–916): Tatsuya Shono
Chapter 17 Formations and reactions of peroxides in organic structures (pages 917–936): Etsuo Niki
Chapter 18 Diols and polyols (pages 937–1018): Arpad Molnar
Chapter 19 Quinones: the current nation of addition and substitution chemistry (pages 1027–1134): okay. Thomas Finley

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