In search of Vikings : interdisciplinary approaches to the by Stephen E. Harding, David Griffiths, Elizabeth Royles

By Stephen E. Harding, David Griffiths, Elizabeth Royles

The Viking Age lasted a bit over 3 centuries, yet has left an enduring legacy throughout Europe. those dynamic warrior-traders from Scandinavia, who fought and interacted with peoples as a ways aside as North the US, Russia, and important Asia, are probably the most recognizable old figures within the western global. within the smooth mind's eye they signify ruthlessness, heroism, adventurousness, and a special status decorated by way of the wondrous stories and poetry of the sagas. but the sum of proof for the Viking presence is way much less transparent than their acceptance implies.
In seek of Vikings offers a suite of papers from specialists in a huge variety of disciplines, together with heritage, archaeology, genetics, and linguistics, to supply an in depth knowing of the Vikings in peace and in struggle. This publication specializes in one fairly intriguing quarter of the Viking global, particularly the north-west quarter of britain, the place they're identified to have settled in huge numbers. North-west England used to be the crossroads among eire, Scotland, Wales, the Isle of guy, and the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms. It used to be a battleground for far-off powers and dynasties, and its Irish Sea beach created possibilities for buying and selling and payment. Silver hoards, burials, and outdated Norse place-names attest to the Viking presence, and Scandinavian DNA is detectable among the fashionable inhabitants. The 12 built-in reports during this booklet are designed to reinvigorate the hunt for Vikings during this an important area and to supply must-reading for somebody attracted to Viking historical past.

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