Influences of Experimental Brain Edema on the Development of by Dr. Andreas Raedler, Dr. Jobst Sievers (auth.)

By Dr. Andreas Raedler, Dr. Jobst Sievers (auth.)

The experimental mind edema because of software of various diverse poisonous brokers has been the topic of a big variety of courses (for synopses see Hirano, 1969; lengthy et al. , 1965). an idea that took the underlying motives of the lesions because the foundation for class of other varieties of mind edema used to be offered by way of Klatzo (1967). during this class Klatzo differentiates among cytogenic and vasogenic factors of mind edema which are distinguishable from one another via the differing behaviour and response of the blood-brain-barrier. The vasogenic form of mind edema is located more often than not within the region of tumors, traumata and foci of infections, most likely as a result of an alteration of the stipulations of permeability, in addition to in mind edemas which are because of adjustments within the hemodynamics of the primary frightened approach, and poisonous ingredients that act at once at the wall of the blood vessel. The cytogenic kind of mind edema in lots of experimental versions is the results of, for example, TET-intoxication, water intoxication, poisoning with different chemicals and anoxia. Its direct reason in line with Klatzo (1967) is to be noticeable in a disturbance of the intra­ mobile osmoregulation of the parenchymal cells. even though the composition of the edema fluid relies at the kind of poisonous substance used, the inability of plasma proteins within the edema fluid is attribute for the mind edemas of this group.

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Alterations of the Histological Development of the Centers of the Visual System a) Colliculus superior The embryos treated with 6-AN in various prenatal stages of development exhibited a cytological reaction that was more or less pronounced according to the time of injection, a permanent alteration of the collicular lamination, however, could not be demonstrated with our experimental set-up. The superior colliculi of the treated animals were retarded in development about one or two days compared to those of control animals and overall seemed complete yet hypoplastic.

In the cerebral medulla of the occipital cortex a decreasing sensitiveness to the toxic agent can be related with the age Fig. 26. Photographic montage of a cross section through the occipital cortex of the rat ten days after birth and treatment with 6-AN. The spongy alterations of the cerebral grey have regressed. The cytological differentiation has progressed. A histological differentiation in the form of a regular lamination is hardly demonstrable. The situation in the cerebral medulla has not changed, the number of undamaged fibers is especially small in the lateral part of the cortex shown in this photograph.

As described above, the retina remains in the stage of production of preneurons up to the end of the first postnatal week and at no point during this time interval the manner of reaction to an intoxication with 6-AN changes either quantitatively or qualitatively, so that the immediately appearing edematic reaction in the form of the hydropic degeneration of the ventricular cells and later the undifferentiated presumptive photoreceptor, bipolar, Muller cells, and the immature cells of the other layers can be provoked at any postnatal stage up to the end of the first week of life.

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