Integrating Geographic Information Systems and Agent-Based by H. Randy Gimblett

By H. Randy Gimblett

This quantity provides a suite of coherent, cross-referenced views on incorporating the spatial illustration and analytical energy of GIS with agent-based modelling of evolutionary and non-linear strategies and phenomena. Many fresh advances in software program algorithms for incorporating geographic info in modeling social and ecological behaviors, and successes in making use of such algorithms, had now not been correctly suggested within the literature. This booklet seeks to function the traditional consultant to this huge sector.

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Rather than beginning with low-level vision, Gensim operates at the object level. , a ball, or the fact that it is red or round), rather than examining the individual edges and features that make up an image of the object itself. Agents perceive objects through a symbolic description of the visible aspects of the object. They make sensory requests by describing the direction which they want to look in, or attributes of the objects which they wish to look at. A bandwidth can be set for sensory information in each agent, limiting the number of objects that the agent can focus on and the amount of information that can be received at once.

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