Integration and New Limits on Citizenship Rights: Denmark by N. Stokes-DuPass

By N. Stokes-DuPass

Integration and New Limits on Citizenship Rights is a state-centered research of citizenship, immigration and social identification. It explores the expanding function of state states as severe actors in utilizing social coverage to impact the social situation of immigrants and ethnics and in addition to redefine what it skill to be an entire citizen.

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In order to measure the outcomes of Danish identity construction, I performed content analysis of public documents about citizenship and integration from the Danish government in order to pattern trace. These documents provide a detailed account of the legislative and social policy directives within the Integration Act and Danish Citizens Act from enactment to the present. Examination of these documents provides insight into the policy decision-making process at the nation, state, and local levels of government, which results in present-day outcomes for how native Danes, ethnic populations, and immigrants can and cannot make claims to Danish identity.

In this chapter, I argue that despite the inclusion of social identity and the growing recognition of the integration challenges facing many nation-states, most citizenship scholars fall short in identifying the specific roles that states often play in manufacturing social identity or race making (Marx, 1998). I also explore the convergence of nationality, citizenship, and social identity as demonstrated with recent revisions to Danish citizenship laws and the implementation of restrictive social policies—specifically the Attachment Requirement.

The second section summarizes the histories of and recent changes to Danish immigration and integration policies. The final section analyzes the convergence of nationality, citizenship, and social identity as demonstrated by recent implementation of the above policies—in particular, the contradictions contained in these policies. Specifically, I show how Danish identity is manufactured through the use of citizenship from above and how social exclusion is maintained through the use of citizenship from below.

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