Introduction to Discrete Mathematics with ISETL by William E. Fenton

By William E. Fenton

Intended for first- or second-year undergraduates, this advent to discrete arithmetic covers the standard issues of this kind of direction, yet applies constructivist rules that advertise - certainly, require - lively participation via the coed. operating with the programming language ISETL, whose syntax is with reference to that of ordinary mathematical language, the coed constructs the ideas in her or his brain because of developing them at the machine within the syntax of ISETL. This dramatically diverse method permits scholars to aim to find recommendations in a "Socratic" conversation with the pc. The dialogue avoids the formal "definition-theorem" procedure and promotes lively involvement by means of the reader via its wondering variety. An teacher utilizing this article can count on a full of life classification whose scholars boost a deep conceptual figuring out instead of easily manipulative talents. themes lined during this e-book contain: the propositional calculus, operations on units, easy counting tools, predicate calculus, kinfolk, graphs, services, and mathematical induction.

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Rewrite the Division Algorithm using the notations div and mod. 11. If x mod n = x div n then x is a mUltiple of (n + 1). Prove this. 12. a. Explain how to quickly tell whether a natural number is divisible by 2. b. Do the same for 5. c. Do the same for 3. d. Do the same for 9. 13. The number 792 passes the test in Exercise 12d for divisibility by 9. Use the distributive property to show why this test works. 14. Complete the addition and multiplication tables shown below for the mod 11 number system.

Pick a pair of integers satisfying the conclusion; do they satisfy the hypothesis? This implication is true; can you explain why? Is its converse true? You must always be clear in your own mind which proposition is the hypothesis and which is the conclusion, to avoid confusing the implication with its converse. In Activity 3a you are told that the number 2 is in the set 5. Does the statement (ii) imply that 1 is also in S? Does it imply that 4 is in 5? Sometimes an implication and its converse will both be true.

In reverse order, the others can be rewritten as 19177 38354 = 1936877 - 50 * 38354 and 1975231 - 1 * 1936877 Substituting the second equation into the first gives 19177 19177 = 1936877 - 50 * (1975231 - 1936877) So 51 * 1936877 - 50 * 1975231 This kind of mixture is called a linear combination of the two original values. A linear combination of numbers is a sum of multiples of the numbers, with negative multiples allowed. Experiment with 40 and 48; you can get many numbers by linear combinations, but you will not be able to form a linear combination which equals 4.

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