IOA Studios Hadid Lynn Prix Selected Student Works 2009 by Eva Diem (auth.), Wolf D. Prix (eds.)

By Eva Diem (auth.), Wolf D. Prix (eds.)

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Like all avant-garde styles, parametricism can be characterized by its dogmas (positive heuristics) and taboos (negative heuristics) that give a clear a priori direction to the design research: ©d{}wŠŒ{~{‹ˆ‰Šy‰PwŒ…z‰ƒ†‚{ˆ{†{ŠŠ…„…|{‚{ƒ{„Š‰BwŒ…zy…‚‚w}{…|‹„ˆ{‚wŠ{z{‚{ƒ{„Š‰D ©f…‰ŠŒ{~{‹ˆ‰Šy‰Py…„‰z{ˆw‚‚|…ˆƒ‰Š…x{†wˆwƒ{Šˆyw‚‚ƒw‚‚{wx‚{Bz||{ˆ{„ŠwŠ{}ˆwz‹w‚‚ (at variant rates), correlate systematically. As a brief to facilitate the design research towards a parametricist interiority we propose the design of an urban club in New York.

This project embraces the diaphanous as a porous structure, permeable for light and air, which creates numerous possibilities for vistas and perceptions within and without. The building aims to create a prototypic situation of densification and new icon for the city; one that creates a destination that gives more features to the urban space by extending the street level into the air and engaging adjacent buildings. By elevating the building from the street level to the roof level, the ground is almost untouched but modulated from above.

The combination between these variables allows to achieve different situations and types of spaces. From introverted negative geometries to positive open spaces. The books are distributed over the delivery points which are situated in the nodes between the library units. The technology of a rapid delivery system which was first used in the cargo industry allows independent distribution of books in the entire library. The last but very important point of the research was the articulation of the surface.

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