Issues and Methods in Comparative Politics : An Introduction by Todd Landman

By Todd Landman

Why will we evaluate countries? How will we evaluate countries? What are the 'big concerns' in comparative politics? concerns and strategies in Comparative Politics presents scholars with the solutions to those primary questions. it's an available and elementary textual content which explores the concepts of comparative examine in political science.This ebook has been designed to make a fancy topic effortless and obtainable to scholars. good points of this textbook include:* briefing bins situated all through which clarify key strategies and concepts* feedback for extra examining on the finish of every bankruptcy * a word list of phrases.

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It can take years to learn the languages needed to compare countries in Asia or Africa. Even within Latin America, students must learn Spanish and Portuguese, let alone the various dialects of each that are spoken in different parts of the region. Extensive field research can mean long periods living under adverse conditions to which the researcher is unaccustomed. Moreover, funding organizations may be less inclined to support projects that envision long periods of field research. 1 Most similar and most different systems design Both system designs appear in comparative politics, particularly by those who compare few countries.

Another predictive example involves the benefits accrued to political incumbents in contesting future elections. Based on the empirical observations of past electoral contests, political scientists could be reasonably secure in predicting that the incumbent in any given election has a higher probability of winning the election than the non-incumbent (see King et al. 1994). Although prediction is less an aspiration of comparativists today than in the past, there are those who continue to couch their arguments in predictive language.

Neither scientist had actually seen evolution or gravity but merely observed its effects. In this way, evolution and gravity are mental constructs, whose repeated empirical verification has given them a lawlike status. g. archival records, interviews, official statistics, histories, or surveys), search for discernible patterns in the evidence, and formulate theories to account for those patterns. In comparative politics, the political scientist compares countries in an effort to verify the theories that have been formulated.

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