J2ME Game Development with MIDP2 v0.56 by Lam Jason

By Lam Jason

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Add addition Sprite functionality 2. Use the Sprite class as your base Sprite class for all game sprites 3. Encapsulating functionality Referring to the first point, you may find that the current Sprite class supplied by sun may not have all the necessary features you need for example you might be making a race car game. In most racing games velocity is a factor, so you may want to inherit the Sprite class and add in the necessary variables and methods you need to use. Another example where you may want to inherit the Sprite class is say for example you have several different types of sprites but each type has their own set of characteristics.

For example, you can now display the high score, current user score, level and number of lives. Figure 18 - Dislay Extra Display Features Demo Screen Shot LayerManager and Scrolling Background You’ve probably noticed the background image we have been using is bigger then the display screen itself. Figure 19- Scrolling View In this particular example the starting point is (50,20). All you have to do is make the value 50 a dynamic value so that it decreases if you want the background to scroll to the left or increase if you want the background to scroll to the right.

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