Learning SPARQL: Querying and Updating with SPARQL 1.1 by Bob DuCharme

By Bob DuCharme

Get hands-on adventure with SPARQL, the RDF question language that is turn into a key part of the semantic net. With this concise publication, you are going to the best way to use the most recent model of this W3C regular to retrieve and control the expanding volume of private and non-private info to be had through SPARQL endpoints. numerous open resource and advertisement instruments already help SPARQL, and this creation will get you begun immediately. commence with tips to write and run uncomplicated SPARQL 1.1 queries, then dive into the language's robust positive factors and functions for manipulating the information you retrieve. examine what you want to recognize so as to add to, replace, and delete facts in RDF datasets, and provides net purposes entry to this information.

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It also knows that if the ab:patient property is the inverse of the ab:doctor property, and resource ab:i8301 has an ab:patient value of ab:i9771, then resource ab:i9771 has an ab:doctor value of i8301. Now we know who Cindy’s spouse and doctor are, even though these facts are not explicitly included in the dataset. OWL offers many other ways to define property and class relationships so that a processor can infer new information from an existing set. This example shows that you don’t need lots of OWL to gain some advantages from it.

Using a blank node to group together postal address data In the example, the _:b1 blank node is the object of one triple and the subject of several others. This is common, because RDF and SPARQL use blank nodes to connect things up. ttl sample above, I can use a SPARQL query to ask for the d:streetAddress value of the d:address node from the address book entry that has a d:firstName of “Richard” and a d:lastName of “Mutt”. The d:address node doesn’t have a URI that I can use to refer to it, but the query wouldn’t need it, because it can just say that it wants the address values from the entry with a d:firstName of “Richard” and a d:lastName of “Mutt”.

1/Person to represent the concept of a person, but if you send your browser to that “address,” it will just be redirected to the spec’s home page. This confused many people, because they assumed that anything that began with “http://” was the address of a web page that they could view with their browser. This confusion led two engineers from MIT and Xerox to write up a specification for Universal Resource Names, or URNs. An URN might take the form urn:isbn:006251587X to represent a particular book or urn:schemasmicrosoft-com:office:office to refer to Microsoft’s schema for describing the structure of Microsoft Office files.

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