Let the Galaxy Burn (Warhammer 40,000 Novels) by Marc Gascoigne, Christian Dunn

By Marc Gascoigne, Christian Dunn

By way of renowned call for, we have amassed up the simplest sf brief tales ever written for the Black Library into one large quantity, and additional a few fresh stories! Warhammer 40,000 lovers might be willing to get their fingers on vintage tales which were unavailable for your time, and all readers will benefit from the diversity and diversity on supply during this high-value quantity.

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Seeing the worried look on Sven's face, he felt like laughing. The whelp was afraid, the prospect of death made him uneasy! Egil knew in his heart that death was a warrior's true and constant companion; he had done since he tore out an Ormscrag warrior's throat with his teeth during his first night-raid. Death was not something to inspire fear. Rather, it was the true measure of a man: «LET THE GALAXY BURN» Edited by Marc Gascoigne & Christian Dunn how much death he could inflict and how he faced his own.

Without warning he snapped a blade from the chain and spun on his heel, slashing it across Persus's throat. The Space Marine sank to the ground, arterial blood bathing his breastplate crimson. Kaelen screamed and launched himself forwards, swinging his power fist at the Prophet's head. Cephesus swayed aside and smashed his bladed fist into Kaelen's ribs. The neural wires inscribed in the blades shrieked fiery electric agony along Kaelen's nerves, and he howled as raw pain flooded every fibre in his body.

He wondered whether it was simply the strangeness of the place combined with the feeling of danger that was bringing out hidden facets of their personality or whether there was some strange force at work here. He could understand it if it were the eerie nature of the place. The deeper they went, the more sinister the place became. The air seemed thick with acrid stenches. Long columns of glistening flesh rose from floor to ceiling. Slime dripped from the ceiling to form phosphorescent puddles in the depressions of the floor.

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