Liberty and American Anti-Imperialism: 1898–1909 by Michael Patrick Cullinane (auth.)

By Michael Patrick Cullinane (auth.)

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Hoar’s oratory was solely a legal argument. His speech caused a major dilemma for Republican senators. Hoar was the first defector from the Party, and only days after announcing his refusal to vote for the Treaty, another Republican joined him. Senator Eugene Hale of Maine declared he could not vote for the Treaty, either. 37 Before Hoar’s speech the Treaty seemed destined for amendment, but after his speech it was Opposing the Treaty of Paris 41 unclear whether Republicans could muster enough votes to stop the treaty’s rejection entirely.

Winslow was supported heavily by Boston’s mugwumps who believed he would be a counterweight to Boutwell. He was also chosen for his administrative skill. Even those who disagreed with Winslow politically recognized that he was a formidable force in social activism. After all, it was Winslow who helped Gamaliel Bradford apply to the aldermen of Faneuil Hall for the first meeting. 29 The final key position established by the Constitution was that of treasurer, which was taken up by Francis A. Osborn, a brigadier general in the 24 Liberty and American Anti-­Imperialism Civil War, outspoken mugwump and successful Gilded Age businessman.

Hostilities in the War of 1898 ceased in August with the United States the clear victor. S. war—­ there were relatively few deaths. ” But if the war was splendid and little, the peace that was thrashed out afterward was vapid and lengthy. An American delegation of peace negotiators met Spanish counterparts in Paris in September and all diplomatic signals pointed to a quick resolution. But the peace treaty was not completed until December. Undoubtedly the negotiations would have been more complicated had Filipino and Cuban revolutionaries been allowed to attend.

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