Love's Deceit by Joyee Flynn

By Joyee Flynn

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Nate would be with you in a blink of an eye if you'd just pull your head out of your ass. Alexander doesn't love me, he doesn't want me, okay? Is that what you wanted to hear? Or is it that he keeps playing with my feelings and watching me," I continued, trying to hold the tears at bay. "During the sex it was all, you're mine forever, Dimika. As soon as it was over he said he didn't love me, didn't want me and to move on. " "Oh, god, Dimitri," he whispered, looking lost as to what to say next.

Then I gave his ass a few last thrusts as my cock exploded inside of him. The last thrust was so hard the desk broke. We landed in a heap on top of the broken desk, my dick still pulsing inside of him. When I stopped panting and my cock had softened I pulled out of him and stood up. It was only then I realized that it really had been Rune I had fucked, not Alexander. Rune had passed out. I shook my head as I reached for my clothes and got dressed. What the fuck had I just done? Instead of thinking too hard on it, I went back and Love's Deceit, by Joyee Flynn 55 picked Rune up and put him on his bed.

Not that I had any clue how to do that. But I had read once the best way to get over someone was to start dating another person. I didn't have time to date, they kept us really busy at the camp, so I thought of the next best thing, having sex with someone else. Love's Deceit, by Joyee Flynn 38 I left my room in search of the two biggest sluts on the compound, Ben and Dean. They slept with just about anyone or anything they could get their hands on. I figured going to them was my best bet. My mental state wasn't strong enough to handle rejection right now, and I knew they'd never say no to me.

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