Machine Tools Handbook by PH Joshi

By PH Joshi

Designed for fast entry at the task, computing device instruments guide explains intimately tips on how to perform uncomplicated and complicated laptop instrument operations and services, delivering a wealth of laptop device routines to check and enhance the functionality of machinists. The tables, graphs, and formulation packed into this crucial reference makes it a must have for each desktop and production workshop.

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The master is an exact replica of the required workpiece. Fig. 2 Boring machines Precise parts like anti-friction bearings, require accurately-machined bores, with close tolerance [sixth grade], for satisfactory assembly. Maintaining close tolerance on bores is more difficult than accomplishing the same accuracy on outside diameters. g. [H7/g6, H7/p6]. In mass production, thousands of components need to be accurately bored. Consequently, there are many special-purpose machines which bore only similar workpieces, like connecting rods, day in and day out.

Refer to the section titled ‘Gears manufacture’ in Chapter 2, for further details. Fig. 37(c): Fig. 37(e): Circular table attachment Rack indexing attachment Fig. 37(d): Fig. 5 Jig boring machine Used for precision positional drilling/boring/grinding, jig boring machines are like rigid, high-precision, sophisticated universal milling machines. 1 MAHO MAH800P Jig boring machine It has a diagonally-ribbed, torsionally rigid column, with spindle adjustment and reversal gear for headstock, at its top.

D. can be used for 2, 3, 5, 6, or 10 equal divisions. D. can be used for 2, 4, 5, 8, 10, 20, or 40 equal divisions. For executing the division, the indexing plunger is moved by a suitable number of spaces between the holes. D. Universal dividing head [Fig. 35c] can be suitably swivelled in the vertical plane to mill the bevel gears. The head workpiece spindle can be swivelled up to 90° for milling cams. Needless to say, the tailstock center axis is also tilted to match the dividing head tilt. Introduction Fig.

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