Macromolecular Mechanochemistry Polymer Mechanochemistry by C Oprea, F Dan

By C Oprea, F Dan

The ebook is split into the next sections: Polystage characteristic of mechanochemical approach Polymer mechanochemistry deformation Mechano-degradation impact of a few components on mechano-chemical degradation impression of mechano-degradation at the constitution and homes of polymers Polymer fracture Fracture of composite fabrics

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In these conditions, the tension induced by mechanical actions brings about a complex process of deformation that occurs in the neck area of the stressed specimen, at the crack border, during flowing and during oriented crystallisation or recrystallisation. The deformation process takes place by a complicated mechanism, which also includes the mechanism of formation of residual stresses. It was established that even in the case of the uniaxial stretching of a cylindrical sample, plastic local deformation occurs just before fracture.

E. 7) under discharging, respectively: ′ σ γδ + aαβγδ ′ θ σ γδ σθϕ + ... 6) '' ′′ σ γδ + aαβφδθϕ ε′′αβ = ε*αβ + aαβγδ σγδσθϕ + .. 9) S ' ' σ'αβ = Aαβγδ ε γδ + Aαβγδθϕ ε γδεθϕ + ... 10) '' '' σ''αβ = σ*αβ + Aαβγδ + Aαβγδθϕ ε γδ εθϕ + ... 11) The local character of deformation is quantitatively expressed by the localisation function for which the literature indicates some methods of computation [94–96, 98–100]. 2. THE LOCAL CHARACTER OF POLYMER FRACTURE The study of the fracture process must clarify two fundamental problems, namely: 1) the type of bonds that split during mechanical stressing of a polymer with the given chemical and supramolecular–morphological structure; and 2) the type of mechanism that the process follows.

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