Making Transparent Environmental Management Decisions: by Keith M. Reynolds, Paul F. Hessburg, Patrick S. Bourgeron

By Keith M. Reynolds, Paul F. Hessburg, Patrick S. Bourgeron

Since 1997, the environment administration determination aid (EMDS) procedure has been used around the globe to aid environmental research and making plans in lots of various program components, and it's been utilized over a variety of geographic scales, from woodland stands to whole international locations. an intensive sampling of this variety of functions is gifted in part 2, within which EMDS program builders describe the various makes use of of the method. those money owed, including the needful historical past in part 1, offer worthy useful insights into how the procedure will be utilized within the common area of environmental management.

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We indicated that fuzzy logic allowed a more parsimonious knowledge representation than that which is possible with rule-based systems. The reason is simple. A single fuzzy membership function is sufficient to express the full spectrum of adultness. In contrast, rule-based systems are inherently bivalent, meaning that a rule is either true or false. To more precisely characterize adultness in a rule-based system, one would need to define, say, five age categories 26 M. C. Saunders and B. J. Miller Table 1 The NetWeaver logical node types and their function OR An OR node is true when any one of its antecedents is true.

1–6. In: Hartshorne C, Weiss P (eds) Harvard University Press, Cambridge Popper K (1934) Logik der Forschung. Springer, Vienna Power DJ (2008) Decision support systems: a historical overview. In: Burstein F, Holsapple CW (eds) Handbook on decision support systems, vol. 1. Springer, Berlin, pp 121–140 Rauscher H (1999) Ecosystem management decision support for federal forests in the United States: a review. Ecol Manage 114:173–197 Rauscher HM, Benzie JW, Alm AM (1990) A red pine forest management advisory system: knowledge model and implementation.

In the case of the DEWA/UPDE watershed model, any EPT value from any of the NetWeaver 33 four sources was evaluated the same. However, cases arise whereby a modeler may wish to interpret less reliable data in a more conservative manner than would be applied to more reliable data. This can be easily implemented by attaching a data link or dependency network to the SOR node that is designed to evaluate these less reliable data sources. 6 Conclusions NetWeaver software provides graphic tools for constructing executable dependency networks that permit both forward- and backward-chained reasoning.

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