Master of the Jinn : a sufi novel by Irving Karchmar

By Irving Karchmar

Mater of the Jinn is a story set at the course of the center, either a paranormal experience and eloquent portrayal of the Sufi manner. The grasp -- the adventure -- The Jinn here's a story set at the course of the center, a fantastically written mystical event in which a modern day Sufi grasp sends seven partners on a deadly quest for the best treasure of the traditional international - King Solomon's ring. The mythical seal ring is expounded to regulate the Jinn, these terrifying demons of dwelling fireplace, and in looking it the partners realize not just the reality of the Jinn, but additionally the trail of affection and the countless mercy of God

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Whether the flame itself took shape, or merely preceded him, could not be seen, but where the flame had been, the demon stood, caught in his mischief; for he still clutched in his hands a great many jewels just stolen from the royal vaults. So great was his surprise that he dropped the gems, which scattered 41 Master of the Jinn like pebbles on the marble floor, and his red eyes darted back and forth like twin flames in that broad, swarthy face. And wide wonder came into those terrible eyes that some power existed among mortal men that was greater than his will.

49 Master of the Jinn Captain Simach stared at him. ” the Professor asked, undeterred. The Captain stammered for a second, then shrugged. ” Ah! He found it in the desert! Solomon felt his heart beat faster. “This is difficult to understand, Aaron. ” The Captain smiled faintly at the implication. After a long silence he shook his head and looked directly at Solomon. He appeared to have come to some decision, motioning toward the artifact between them. ” “A sandstorm? ” “Then where . . ” But the Captain had said too much.

What was revealed made us gasp. A golden cylinder, encrusted with jewels, caught the first rays of morning light through the window and blazed among us like a star. ”exclaimed Ali and Rami together. I held my breath. No one spoke until a passing cloud caused the light to fade. The Master said nothing. Turning the cylinder with the tip of a finger, he exposed a Star of David, a Seal of Solomon, made entirely of diamonds, cunningly set within an ivory circle. Still no one uttered a word. ” he said, looking directly into the young man’s eyes.

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