Mastering Apache Cassandra by Nishant Neeraj

By Nishant Neeraj

Build, deal with, and configure high-performing, trustworthy NoSQL database on your software with Cassandra

About This Book

  • Develop functions for modelling info with Cassandra 2
  • Manage quite a lot of based, semi-structured, and unstructured info with Cassandra
  • Explore a wide-range of Cassandra parts and the way they have interaction to create a powerful, allotted system.

Who This ebook Is For

The ebook is geared toward intermediate builders with an figuring out of center database techniques who are looking to turn into a grasp at imposing Cassandra for his or her application.

What you'll Learn

  • Write courses utilizing Cassandra's good points extra efficiently
  • Get the main out of a given infrastructure, enhance functionality, and tweak JVM
  • Use CQL3 on your program, which makes operating with Cassandra extra simple
  • Configure Cassandra and fine-tune its parameters counting on your needs
  • Set up a cluster and easy methods to scale it
  • Monitor Cassandra cluster in several ways
  • Use Hadoop and different colossal info processing instruments with Cassandra

In Detail

With ever expanding premiums of information construction comes the call for to shop facts as quickly and reliably as attainable, a requirement met by way of sleek databases reminiscent of Cassandra. Apache Cassandra is the suitable selection for construction fault tolerant and scalable databases. via this useful consultant, you are going to software pragmatically and comprehend thoroughly the ability of Cassandra. beginning with a quick recap of the fundamentals to get each person up and working, you are going to flow directly to installation and computer screen a creation setup, dive lower than the hood, and optimize and combine it with different software.

You will discover the mixing and interplay of Cassandra parts, and discover nice new gains resembling CQL3, vnodes, light-weight transactions, and triggers. eventually, via studying Hadoop and Pig, it is possible for you to to research your great data.

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He works with Java, MySQL, Cassandra, Twitter Storm, Amazon Web Services, JavaScript, and Linux on a daily basis, and he has recently developed an interest in Machine Learning, Data Analysis, and Data Science in general. Acknowledgments It would have been difficult for me to complete this book without the support of a large number of people. com) for giving me the opportunity to do a lot of experiments with distributed computing and cloud infrastructure, and especially Leo Scott, Arunn Rajagopalan, and Steven Fusco for their technical suggestions.

11. io/pycassa/. Setting up Setting up involves creating a keyspace and a column family. It can be done via cassandra-cli or cqlsh or the Cassandra client library. We will see how this is done using cassandra-cli later in this book, so let's see how we do it programmatically using Pycassa. For brevity, the trivial parts of the code are not included. Tip Downloading the example code You can download the example code files for all Packt books you have purchased from your account at http://www. com.

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