Michael Faraday's 'Chemical notes, hints, suggestions, and by Faraday, Michael; Faraday, Michael; Faraday, Michael;

By Faraday, Michael; Faraday, Michael; Faraday, Michael; Tweney, Ryan D.; Gooding, David

Transcribed and released right here for the 1st time, this workstation indicates that Faraday's actual achievements emerged from the context of utilized laboratory chemistry. It foreshadows a lot of his most vital discoveries and provides a revealing perception into the brain and medical aspirations of a grasp experimentalist. The computing device is critical among Faraday's unpublished writings since it served as a spot to discover chances and questions, instead of just to list laboratory paintings

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Copper d° Amm nickel d° Chromate amm d° Arseniate amm d° _ Chlorine[on] Urate Amm Query azotain or what 37 m "Mm j/:^ ^li^--"^i^ ; . : • % 1, : • • • > % ^ : ^ ^ ^ : ' * * 'V:JC>: > ^ ^ ^ ^^y ^: ^ii • : :-: :::^; -:. ^^^ i*f " • ; ^ • 5: ^ • * : • • : : 38 ' ^ : ^ : • • • • • • . - . • • • . • . A. e. in solution - Will there he any azotane or any action on the amm if there should he it may lead to a sulphuret of nitrogen or some other compound of azote. Sept 23. 1822. » What are the gaseous results when tungstate of ammonia is heated in close vessels Chlorine in sol of amm [soap] - azotane or how?

Carriers among chemical elements Nitrous gas in Production of Sulphuric acid Sulphurous acid in S A. Zinc & water Calcium in operation at Iron furnace Mur Acid in production of [Prussic] acid by distillation of N M Acid. Alcohol & water. « [Pigment] of mercury from fused protosulphate that of mercury and ferro [prussiate] of potash? Yes. » Passage of gases through tubes; are the phenomona connected with their vapourous nature. « Light Ann Phil NS vi 116 [three] last [lines] [verify] it if [true] Will Carbon decompose, a sulphuret of iron - try the affinities of Carbon sulphur and iron 21 » '••••••• ' ; Z i .

Ll . a - ' " . :'••• • • > • • • • • -•':••'•: • •-. '••• • • • ' - : ' 1 V . " - ' . ':•'-,. \ : , : : : - v : - - " : . '•'•'•••'•'$•-• -'•••'•• '"•••'•••••'•'••'Jr'- •••' "••'•• ' ' V V V / . A. and water on zinc SA and soda result SA and ox:zinc result Phosphuret of lime in water Phosp lime results? Query the nature of change of chlorides by light. are changed chlorides soluble as such in ammonia Their habits &. Absorption of air gases water &c by mercury. Solid acetic acid is it a mixture or combination of strong acetic acid with sulphurous acid Proper tint for printing paper Experiment « Gravitation experiment - nothing » Is the tourmaline Magnetic or can it be made so or can a wire connecting it be made magnetic Combustion of iron in a current of common air.

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