NHibernate 3.0 Cookbook by Jason Dentler

By Jason Dentler

This booklet comprises quick-paced self-explanatory recipes equipped in revolutionary ability degrees and useful parts. each one recipe includes step by step directions approximately every little thing essential to execute a selected activity. The publication is designed that you can learn it from begin to finish or simply open up any bankruptcy and begin following the recipes. briefly this e-book is intended to be the last word "how-to" reference for NHibernate 3.0, protecting each significant function of NHibernate for all event degrees. This booklet is written for NHibernate clients in any respect degrees of expertise. Examples are written in C# and XML. a few uncomplicated wisdom of SQL is thought.

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The most common types are as follows: Bag Set List Map Allows Duplicates Yes No Yes Keys must be unique. Values may be duplicated. IUserCollectionType. Only bag and set may be used in bidirectional relationships. Bags A bag collection allows duplicates, and implies that order is not important. Let's talk about a bag of ActorRole entities. The bag may contain actor role 1, actor role 2, actor role 3, actor role 1, actor role 4, and actor role 1. A typical bag mapping appears as shown in the following code: The corresponding Actors property may be an IList or ICollection, or even an IEnumerable.

Ff Movie must have a protected or public constructor without parameters. ff All public members of Movie must be virtual. This includes methods. 21 Models and Mappings NHibernate gives us several choices for the creation of these proxy objects. The traditional choice of NHibernate proxy framework is DynamicProxy, part of the Castle stack of projects. NET, and allows you to build your own. If we specify lazy="false" on the class element of our Movie mapping, we can disable this behavior. NHibernate will never create a proxy of Movie.

In my applications, this is the most common collection type. A set may contain actor role 1, actor role 3, actor role 2, and actor role 4. An attempt to add actor role 1 to the set again will fail. Collections. dll. NET Framework 4. 23 Models and Mappings An attempt to add an item to an uninitialized lazy-loaded set collection will cause the set to be loaded from the database. This is necessary to ensure uniqueness in the collection. To ensure proper uniqueness in a set, you should override the Equals and GetHashCode methods, as shown in the next recipe.

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