New product development : process benchmarks and performance by [author, Scott J. Edgett ; contributors, Rachel Brill ... et

By [author, Scott J. Edgett ; contributors, Rachel Brill ... et al.].

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At gates, management meets with the project team to review the project, evaluate its merits, and make Go/No Go and resourcing decisions. What seems to separate the best performers is the ability to have, on a repeated bases, these demanding Go/No Go decision points in the process where the hard choices are made, and projects really do get killed. They have the protocols and best practices built into their process and have the discipline to follow it. Some businesses claim to have gates in their NPD processes, but a closer inspection reveals that these are largely “project review points” or “milestone reviews” with no tough decisions—projects rarely are killed and a lot of time is spent on discussing how to “fix” the project.

The performance gap has also been increasing between these two groups over the years. NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT page 57 Copyright © 2011 by Product Development Institute and APQC New Product Development P R OCE SS BE NC HMARK S AND PER F OR MANC E ME TRI CS Second, companies that are performing better do have a well-defined, systematic new product development process in place that is really followed and is supported by a solid front-end. Gatekeeping or the decision making practices are also working well and supporting the process and the portfolio needs.

13. When does your organization provide its NPD process training? Is this sufficient or are there any other training opportunities that it should leverage? Do you make it easy for new employees to get up to speed? Have a plan to help new executives on-board—understand how they can support NPD as Gatekeepers? 14. What approaches might your organization take to capture and implement lessons learned? 15. What measures has your organization put in place to continuously improve its NPD processes?

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