Nicene And Post Nicene Christianity: History Of The by Philip Schaff, David Schley Schaff

By Philip Schaff, David Schley Schaff

8 quantity sequence. the inner clash among heathenism and Christianity offers an identical spectacle of dissolution at the one hand and unsleeping energy at the different. And right here the Nicene age reaped the fruit of the sooner apologists, who ably and fearlessly defended the reality of the genuine faith and refuted the blunders of idolatry in the middle of persecution. 108 The literary competition to Christianity had already nearly exhausted itself, and was once now thrown by means of the good swap of situations into apology for heathenism; whereas what was once then apology at the Christian part now turned victorious polemics.

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He summoned a multitude of councils, in Gaul, in Italy, in Illyricum, and in Asia; aspired to the renown of a theologian; and was fond of being called bishop of bishops, though, like his father, he postponed baptism till shortly before his death. 57 But intelligent church teachers, like Athanasius, Hosius, and Hilary, gave their voice for toleration, though even they mean particularly toleration for orthodoxy, for the sake of which they themselves had been deposed and banished by the Arian power.

12. 2 7 Gibbon well says, ch. " When he found that toleration was rather profitable than hurtful to the church, and tended to soften the vehemence of doctrinal controversies, he proceeded, for example, to banish Athanasius, who was particularly offensive to him, from Alexandria, and even from Egypt, calling this greatest man of his age an insignificant manikin,75 and reviling him with vulgar language, because through his influence many prominent heathens, especially heathen women, passed over to Christianity.

The smoke of heathen sacrifices never rose from the seven hills of New Rome except during the short reign of Julian the Apostate. It became the residence of a bishop who not only claimed the authority of the apostolic see of neighboring Ephesus, but soon outshone the patriarchate of Alexandria and rivalled for centuries the papal power in ancient Rome. The emperor diligently attended divine worship, and is portrayed upon medals in the posture of prayer. He kept the Easter vigils with great devotion.

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