Nuclear Reactions by I. E. McCarthy and D. ter Haar (Auth.)

By I. E. McCarthy and D. ter Haar (Auth.)

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The theoretically hmiting factor on a negative ion machine isv χ Β where ν is the particle velocity and Β is the cyclotron magnetic field. This electric field dissociates the negative ions by the Stark effect. High energy machines have small magnetic fields and very large radii. With the machines now at our disposal it is possible to obtain 60 NUCLEAR REACTIONS very accurate data and determine up to ten parameters describing optical model potentials. The potential of Feshbach, Porter and Weisskopf had three parameters.

20) by r^= - [dLo/dE],a . 21) With these definitions the resonant scattering amplitude is fl = Ε-Ε^ - . 9) for elastic scattering. 16). For elastic scattering the energy curve is like that in the 1931 calculation of Mott and hke the experimental curves of Fig. 2 . 1 . The resonant amphtude interferes destructively with the slowly varying potential scattering (which includes the Coulomb scattering in the case of charged incident particles) for EE'', F o r energies far from E% is of order KR and hence the resonant amplitude is much smaller than the potential scattering amplitude.

The essential point of the compound nucleus philosophy is that reactions are so complicated that it is impossible to understand them mechanistically in terms of the motion of particles in potentials. The essential complication leads to statistical models which work very well in their range of validity. However, throughout the second twenty years there were experiments, unsupported by calculations as detailed as the compound nucleus calculations, that could be explained on the basis of particle motion in a potential.

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