Olfaction and Taste Volume 5 by Denton, D.A. and Taste, I.S.O. and Coghlan, J.P. and

By Denton, D.A. and Taste, I.S.O. and Coghlan, J.P. and Medicine, H.F.I.E.P.

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The mammalian tongue is a whole new evolutionary structure, the sublingua representing the remains of the reptilian tongue (Davis, 1961). The receptor field of the tongue is clearly made up of two components. The anterior tongue region is innervated by the chorda tympani of the Vllth cranial nerve; the posterior by the IXth and Xth nerves. The following table samples relative chorda tympahi responses across species. 75) is in hamster, squirrel monkey, macaque monkey, and man. The multiple sensitivity of a single unit of fish and frog taste units also occurs in mammals.

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