PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) Review: Pearls of by Guy H. Haskell, Marianne Gausche-Hill

By Guy H. Haskell, Marianne Gausche-Hill

  • Updated to satisfy the 2005 American middle organization Guidelines
  • Market: Emergency medication Technicians, Paramedics, Nurses, Physicians
  • Quick-hit query & resolution variety reinforces proof for simple memorization -- merely right solutions are given so fallacious solutions won't ever accidently be remembered

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CHAPTER 4 Airway and Ventilation 35 Why can anesthesia ventilation systems be used during spontaneous respiration? No flow valves need to be opened. ❍ What are some of the advantages of ventilation via an endotracheal tube? The airway is isolated Potential for aspiration is reduced Ventilations and chest compressions can be interposed efficiently Inspiratory time and peek pressures can be controlled PEEP can be delivered ❍ What are the six indications for intubation? Inadequate CNS control of ventilation Loss of protective airway reflexes Respiratory failure Need for high ventilatory pressures or PEEP Need for mechanical ventilatory support Allows for stabilization of an airway that has the potential to deteriorate in transport or during special procedures at a hospital ❍ What is the function of a Murphy eye on an endotracheal tube?

Location of the emergency The telephone number from which the rescuer is calling What happened Number of victims Nature of resuscitation ❍ T/F: The majority of deaths from foreign body aspiration occur in children less than 5 years of age. True. ❍ List the common objects that can be aspirated. Toys, balloons, hot dogs, candies, nuts, and grapes. ❍ What is a hallmark of foreign body aspiration? Sudden onset of respiratory distress. ❍ When should infectious causes of airway obstruction be considered?

In an unconscious child, when should EMS be activated immediately? When two rescuers are present. The 2005 guidelines also recommend activation and retrieval of an AED (when available) first, even with a lone rescuer, if the child has a sudden witnessed collapse, as such is likely to be of cardiac origin. ❍ What should be done if trauma is suspected? Manual stabilization is preferred to complete immobilization of the spine in the 2005 AHA guidelines as immobilization devices may interfere with effective CPR.

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