Panic Encyclopedia: The definitive guide to the postmodern by Arthur Kroker

By Arthur Kroker

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Play Culture in a Changing World (Debating Play)

This paintings is helping readers to reconsider the contribution of play in youth. It is helping adults to appreciate that kids have their very own play tradition, and likewise is helping practitioners to mirror at the manner they inspire young children to play via realizing their play tradition.

Intellectuals and Politics in Post-War France (French Politics, Society and Culture)

What did French intellectuals need to say approximately Gaullism, the chilly conflict, the women's circulation, colonialism, and the occasions of could 1968? David Drake examines the political dedication of intellectuals in France from Sartre and Camus to Bernard-Henri L? vy and Pierre Bourdieu. during this available examine, he explores why there has been an intensive reassessment of the intellectual's position within the mid-1970s to the Eighties and the way a brand new new release engaged with Islam, racism, the Balkans warfare, and the moves of 1995.

Loyalty, Dissent, and Betrayal: Modern Lithuania and East-Central European Moral Imagination (On the Boundary of Two Worlds: Identity, Freedom, and Moral ... Freedom, & Moral Imagination in the Baltics)

Loyalty and betrayal are between key thoughts of the ethic of nationalism. Marriage of nation and tradition, which turns out the essence of the congruence among political energy constitution and collective identification, frequently bargains an easy rationalization of loyalty and dissent. Loyalty is obvious as once-and-for-all dedication of the person to his or her country, while betrayal is pointed out as a failure to dedicate him or herself to a standard reason or as a diversion from the item of political loyalty and cultural/linguistic constancy.

White Noise: An A–Z of the Contradictions in Cyberculture

Transcending contemporary makes an attempt to pigeonhole 'the info revolution', this booklet indicates how the paradoxical facets of recent media and the net (is it masculine or female? Does it suggest peace or conflict? ) are the notably severe expression of the contradictions underlying our complete society. Andrew Calcutt is an enthusiastic champion of the potential of new communications know-how, and a trenchant critic of the tradition of worry which prevents its realisation.

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Poor French, always behind the times, mopping up from the old party while the new one is in full swing. Go and lament over your noble savage and chant your nomadology. The noble savage lost the competition for who would be the type-man. The last man, that is, the old Adam, won. There's no Abraham to shatter the graven PANIC A images. We want our panic fun, our MTV. It's all positive, no negations. We want to pray at our own pleasure. And, poor French, you want it, too. Coke is the ens realissimum.

Deena Weinstein Michael Weinstein 56 PANIC BABIES (AND OLLIE AND GORBY 100) In the 1960s, Marshall McLuhan might have described television as a cool medium, but in the 1980s it's the TV audience which has cooled down to degree absolute zero, to that point where the audience itself actually becomes a superconductor: a zone of absolute non-resistance and hypercirculability of exchange for all the TV beams which pass through it. Even postmodern babies, the latest wave of the TV generation, are now born as instant superconductors.

In viral advertising, the simulacra of the body politic is injected directly with negative images of electoral opponents, the intention being to propagate in the minds of voters a high degree of image sickness( of other politicians). With political ill health for others its only aim, viral advertising is sensitively attuned to the daily read-outs of the tracking polls. In primary politics, political managers now claim with real accuracy that viral advertising can be counted on to cost its (candidate) targets at least a five per cent drop in the image ratings.

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