Performance Exhaust Systems: How to Design, Fabricate, and by Mike Mavrigian

By Mike Mavrigian

This finished ebook is your advisor to reaching final exhaust procedure functionality. It indicates you ways to manufacture a method for customized functions and to slot the right kind prefabricated procedure for your automobile.

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A tighter (smaller number) LSA tends to move torque to a lower RPM range, while increasing maximum torque. A wider (larger number) LSA tends to move the torque to a higher RPM range. Retarding the camshaft keeps the intake valve open later and thus delays the intake closing. This helps generate power at higher engine RPM. Retarding the camshaft also increases intake valve-to-piston clearance, while decreasing exhaust valve-to-piston clearance. Lobe Separation Angle The lobe separation angle (LSA) refers to the number of degrees between the centerlines of the camshaft’s intake lobe and the exhaust lobe.

Generally speaking, most engines that perform well in naturally aspirated form perform even better when forced-induction strategies or nitrous oxide is added. Intake port shape is dictated by the envelope of space given by the overall design of an engine, valvetrain layout, and intended vehicle application. In terms of pushrod-type engines, the intake port width must not be much larger than the distance between the pushrods, generally called the “pinch point” of an intake port. There are several strategies for increasing the distance between pushrods, including offset lifters, offset rocker arms, and compound valve angles.

INTRODUCTION The exhaust system is a vital component of engine package, but all too often exhaust system design, components, and function are an afterthought. Owners arbitrarily bolt on a header, resonator, catalytic converter, and muffler combination that may or may not be suited to the chassis or properly tuned to deliver the best performance. When building a high-performance engine application, you need to consider the function and operation as an integrated system. In particular, the carb, intake, and cam directly dictate how much fuel is put into the engine.

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