Personality Disorders in Children and Adolescents by Paulina F. Kernberg

By Paulina F. Kernberg

Within the first e-book to argue that neurotic, psychotic, and borderline character problems will be pointed out, clinically determined, and handled even within the younger, a popular baby psychiatrist marshalls her developmental standpoint and adduces scientific proof to help it. Kernberg and her colleagues elucidate evaluate standards and develop healing ways for every ailment.

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I j u s t . . THERAPIST. How did you sidetrack just now? I was going to comment on the same thing . . so .

Ethnic identity is formed through language, through traditions, and through the feeling of belonging to the historical community and national community. • Superego or conscience. The person has the capacity to respond to rewards and punishments; to experience remorse, guilt, and shame; to wish to atone for damage done; and to work for ideals. Concern for Assessment of Personality Disorders in Children and Adolescents 41 others and generosity are personality traits reflecting an integrated conscience.

4. Affiliative and Nurturant behaviors encompass affectionate behaviors and may relate to the development of conscience, empathy, and altruism. THE A T T E N T I O N A L SYSTEM The Attentional System makes distinctions among different functions and associated cortical areas: a Vigilance System that maintains alertness and Developmental Perspective 21 supports defensive behavior; a Posterior Attentional System that controls orienting functions and allows attention to disengage from one focus and reengage at another; and an Anterior (Cortical) System that includes executive functions that regulate the Posterior System, control attention to semantic information, and are basic to the effortful control afforded by such operations as planning and anticipation, Derryberry and Rothbart (1997) have suggested many interesting implications of their model.

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