PHP: The Good Parts: Delivering the Best of PHP by Peter MacIntyre

By Peter MacIntyre

Get prior the entire hype approximately personal home page and dig into the genuine energy of this language. This publication explores the main valuable positive factors of personal home page and the way they could accelerate the internet improvement approach, and explains why the main popular personal home page components are usually misused or misapplied. You'll research which components upload power to object-oriented programming, and the way to exploit definite beneficial properties to combine your software with databases.

Written by means of an established member of the Hypertext Preprocessor group, PHP: the great Parts is perfect for brand spanking new Hypertext Preprocessor programmers, in addition to net builders switching from different languages.
* familiarize yourself with PHP's uncomplicated syntax, variables, and datatypes
* the way to combine the language with websites
* know the way to exploit strings, arrays, and PHP's integrated features
* observe the benefits of utilizing personal home page as an object-oriented language
* discover how Hypertext Preprocessor interacts with databases, corresponding to SQLite and MySQL
* research enter- and output-handling top practices to avoid safety breaches

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If there are other statements you want to call based on a true condition of the equality test, you can enclose that code with curly braces {like so}. Following is some code that expands on the previous example, while trimming down the test to a direct testing of the returned date value. 4 ; $msg_color = "red" ; } This example executes three statements when the condition test resolves to true. Notice that these three statements are enclosed within opening and closing curly braces to signify that they are all part of that single equality test.

The rules for defining a function are fairly simple; you designate a function using its reserved word, giving it a unique name beginning with a letter or an underscore character, followed by any number of letters, underscores, or numbers. Round brackets (()) follow the function name—these are used to pass in any parameters that govern the function (more on that later). Finally, use curly braces ({}) to surround any code that is to be contained within the function. Here is a sample function: function MyFunction ( ) { echo "This is being displayed because MyFunction has been called" ; } There is a difference between defining a function and calling one into action.

There are two functions in this group: first is str_word_count, which, as expected, counts the number of words in a given string. Second, strlen returns the length of the provided string. Careful, though—strlen counts spaces as part of the length of the string as well, so you may want to trim a string before you ask for its length. Here is some sample code: $string = " The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" ; echo "word count: " . str_word_count($string) ; echo "
" ; echo "String length: " .

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