Play Piano in a Flash! by Scott Houston

By Scott Houston

Effortless TO learn HOW-TO booklet ON studying TO PLAY the thrill and simple means. EMPHASIS ON effortless. the place was once THIS booklet whilst I needed to TAKE dull CLASSICAL PIANO classes AS a child? hugely suggest.

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For example, “Ooh, look at all the notes! ” or “too many sharps or flats in that one…” It doesn’t matter, just make sure to buy your tune. Now sit down and make a list of every chord symbol you find in the tune. ) There will probably be five or six chords total (that’s no science, you may have more or less) that end up repeating many times through the song. Take that list, figure out the notes in the chords, and get them memorized. It may take you, what, an hour, maybe two at the most? Then read on, and I’ll quickly show you how to put those chords to work playing your all-time fav’ tune.

A whole step. Just as logical as it sounds, two half steps equal one whole step. For example if C to C# is one half step, and C# to D is the next half step, then C up to D is a whole step. 32 Play Piano in a Flash Why do I submit you to such mental torture as having to figure out half and whole steps? Because that is how I am going to describe to you the different chord structures that make a Major a Major and a minor a minor, and so on. The two variables of a chord flavor You can build a chord by describing the distance (in half steps) between notes.

Yes, that is exactly what I’m saying. As long as you get to the point where you can read a one note at a time sequence of notes in the treble clef, you’re done from a note reading standpoint. Done, finished, finité, all over. I have just given you the freedom to take off the chains that hold down the vast majority of wannabe piano players; that is the perceived need to keep working forever and ever on becoming a great note reader. That mistaken notion just got obliterated. You have a very finite goal that you must reach (which by the way even if you can’t read a single note yet is only a few days down the road), but once you do, you’re done.

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