Politicization of Religion and the Power of State, Nation, by G. Ognjenovic, J. Jozelic, Gorana Ognjenovi?, Jasna Jozeli?

By G. Ognjenovic, J. Jozelic, Gorana Ognjenovi?, Jasna Jozeli?

There is a brilliant distinction among a warfare being categorised as "religious" and faith being politicized for the aim of attaining a political aim. but it can now and then be not easy to inform distinction among the 2. it may be specifically difficult to take action whilst the variation among "pretend to be" and "is" is obscured nearly to some degree past acceptance. within the quantity one,we learn the mass construction and use of counterfeit non secular symbolism used for political reasons. In quantity of this e-book we concentration extra at the real sensible program of the symbolism in the context of kingdom, country and religion: using counterfeit spiritual symbolism to blur the fundamental contrast among "what is a true threat to a state" and "what is not."

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This confirmed a common basis for nationalist attacks toward the Bosnian government and Bosnian Muslims (Bosniaks) in general. ”44 The Bosnian Orthodox (Serbs) and Bosnian Catholic (Croats) nationalists presented their political agendas against the Bosnian Muslims (Bosniak) by accusing the Bosnian Muslims (Bosniaks) of the desire to create their own Muslim state in Bosnia–Herzegovina. In this case, the argument45 that our experience of the present depends on our knowledge of the past, and that our ideas about the past legitimize the present social systems was, clearly, the way forward for the nationalists: Serb and Croat nationalists used these conceptions (performances) and, thus, legitimized their claims to domination over Bosnia–Herzegovina, while, at the same time, nationalism among Bosnian Muslims (Bosniaks) emerged.

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