Process improvement in practice : a handbook for IT by Tore Dybå; Torgeir Dingsøyr; Nils Brede Moe; Selskapet for

By Tore Dybå; Torgeir Dingsøyr; Nils Brede Moe; Selskapet for Industriell og Teknisk Forskning (Trondheim)

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The process responsible need not work full time with this and may also use other people in the company to solve tasks related to the process. Smaller companies may not have any administration at all and will almost only be working in projects. In such cases it will be possible for a larger project to assign a person responsible for process improvement – a person who in dialogue with other persons with the same responsibility in other projects may suggest improvement actions in the company. The most important part concerning organizing process improvement is of course to make sure that someone is responsible for taking initiative and carrying through improvements.

The size of the company will also be decisive for the possible speed on involvement for all the relevant parties in the process. 2 BASIC PRINCIPLES There are three ways in which a software organization can make an assessment of its development practices: Benchmark against other organizations. Benchmark against “best practice” models. Assessment guided by the individual goals and needs of the organization. Benchmark against other organizations. This way of doing an assessment is a traditional benchmark exercise used to gain an outside perspective on practices and to borrow or “steal” ideas from best-in-class companies.

3 shows an example of measurement data from a company. The question to answer is: What are the costs of software inspections? The costs are measured in number of work-hours per document page. The costs include preparations, meetings and summing up of the results. 49 Chapter 4 50 Our experience is that in an improvement project – while we are still most occupied with getting an overview – use of histograms is the most commonly used technique. Later, when looking at relationships, we will use several of the other plotting techniques.

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