Programming Language Processors in Java: Compilers and by David Watt, Deryck Brown

By David Watt, Deryck Brown

This booklet presents a carefully paced advent to concepts for enforcing programming languages via compilers and interpreters, utilizing the object-oriented programming language Java. The publication goals to exemplify solid software program engineering rules whilst explaining the explicit options had to construct compilers and interpreters.


* The booklet exhibits essentially how an easy compiler should be decomposed right into a syntactic analyzer, a contextual analyzer, and a code generator, speaking through an summary syntax tree.

* The ebook is followed through a whole operating compiler and interpreter, supplied through the net, and freed from cost for tutorial use.

* The publication includes quite a few routines, including pattern solutions to chose workouts. It additionally includes a variety of urged initiatives, regarding extensions to the accompanying compiler.

* All examples within the ebook are expressed in Java, and the compiler and interpreter are dependent utilizing object-oriented layout patterns.

David Watt teaches algorithms and information constructions, programming languages, and software program layout. Deryck Brown teaches compilers, object-oriented programming, working structures, and software program engineering.

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A programming language is statically typed if a language processor can detect all type errors without actually running the program; the language is dynamically typed if type errors cannot be detected until run-time. 7 Mini-Triangle type rules Mini-Triangle is statically typed. Consider the following program outline: let v a r n: I n t e g e r in begin ... while n > 0 do n : = n - 1; (1) (2) ... end The type rule of 'z' is: If both operands are of type int, then the result is of type bool. Thus the expression 'n > 0' at point ( I ) is indeed of type bool.

Thus an interpretive compiler combines fast compilation with tolerable running speed. 15 Interpretive compilation Sun Microsystems' Java Development Kit (JDK) is an implementation of an interpretive compiler for Java. At its heart is the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), a powerful abstract machine. JVM-code is an intermediate language oriented to Java. It provides powerful instructions that correspond directly to Java operations such as object creation, method call, and array indexing. Thus translation from Java into JVM-code is easy and fast.

Our first task is to specify, in general terms, what will be the semantics of each class of phrase in the language. We may specify the semantics of commands, expressions, and declarations as follows: A command is executed to update variables. ] An expression is evaluated to yield a value. ] Introduction 23 is simply bound to the corresponding argument, which is a value, variable, procedure, or function, respectively. y + yshift; - .. var p: Point; var q: Point; ... moveup(3, var p); q : = projection(p) Triangle has the usual variety of operators, standard functions, and standard procedures.

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