Project Oberon: The Design of an Operating System and by Niklaus Wirth

By Niklaus Wirth

Venture Oberon features a definition of the Oberon Language and describes its relation to Modula-2 and the software program instruments constructed with the process. This definitive, first-hand account of the layout, improvement, and implementation of Oberon completes the Oberon trilogy.

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In Oberon, CopyBlock is used primarily for scrolling contents within a viewer. 62 The remaining raster operations use a constant pattern. BYTE END; w and h are width and height of a block containing the binary pattern data defined by raster. The pattern data are given as a linear sequence of bytes to be poured into the block from left to right and from bottom to top. There are two non-conceptual problems with this declaration. First, arrays of variable length are not allowed in Oberon. The second problem concerns economy of memory usage.

Actually, we should imagine two parallel planes, one displaying viewers and the other displaying cursors. If there is just one physical plane we take care of painting markers non-destructively, for example in inverse-video mode. Then, no precondition must be established before drawing a marker. However, in the case of a viewer task painting destructively in its viewer's area, the area must be locked first after turning invisible all markers in the area. The technical support of cursor management is again contained in module Oberon.

In total, there are four such categories. 1, together with the corresponding topics and message dispatchers. 1 Dispatcher Task scheduler Command interpreter Viewer manager Document manager Topic dispatching of interactive tasks processing of integrated command organizing the display area operating on documents Message reports user interaction defines generic operation requests change of location or size reports change of contents or format These topics essentially define the role of Oberon viewers.

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