Reasoning About Program Transformations by Jean-Francois Collard

By Jean-Francois Collard

The textual content includes a distinctive and present presentation of this system analyses and changes that extract the circulation of information in computing device reminiscence structures. The emphasis is on a framework for the optimization of code for relevant courses and bigger desktops potency. furthermore, the writer exhibits that correctness of software differences is assured by means of the conservation of information stream. execs and researchers in software program engineering, machine engineering, application layout research, and compiler layout will make the most of its presentation of data-flow tools and reminiscence optimization of compilers.

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2. Two traces are possible: either 125 or 145. The set of possible execution traces, or execution set, is therefore E = {125, 145}. Notice also that there are several ways to give names to execution traces. In the trace names above, explicitly mentioning statement 5 doesn’t add any information because we have to go through this statement anyway. The same holds with statement 3 (which is not even an actual statement, but the beginning of the second part of the if statement). Indeed, we can talk without ambiguity about traces 12 and 14.

In general, such special cases are made obvious when checking the validity conditions of closed forms. 10 What This Book Is About What you just read tries to give the intuitions guiding this book: We focus on analyses that extract the flow of data, which imperative programming hides through its use and reuse of memory. We detail some program transformations that conserve this data flow. We introduce a family of analyses, called reaching definition analyses, but also sometimes array data-flow analysis or value-based dependencies, to do this task.

It is also supposed to be initialized to zero upon entering the scope. That is, if the while loop does not iterate at all, the value of w after end while is defined and equals 0. A while loop may trigger an infinite number of iterations. An obvious example is while (true) do a := a + 1 end but many infinite while loops are not so easy to detect. Data flow actually deals with instances, and not with textual instructions: The value written by one instance is read by another instance. Consider the following program, where instructions have been labeled for the sake of clarity.

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