Reconnecting Worship: Where Tradition And Innovation by Rob Weber

By Rob Weber

This publication will energize congregations and leaders who are looking to reshape worship to arrive new teams of individuals, begin a brand new or substitute worship adventure, increase participation in worship via creativity and interplay, and so forth.

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Journey into the Heart of God: Living the Liturgical Year

Trip into the center of God is a charming exploration of the heritage and evolution of the Church yr: the cycle of seasons within the Christian culture that starts with creation and culminates with Easter and is marked by way of the celebrations of saints, ceremonial dinner days, and the interpreting of Scripture as appointed through the Church.


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Reflect on how this activity might be meaningful to them. As you think about artifacts in your home and your church this week, imagine what digital artifacts might become part of the emerging generation's history. Session Two Video The video segment on the DVD or VHS in the ReConnecting Worship Kit that corresponds to this chapter is Session Two: Mission, Tension, and the Great Commission. Chapter Three: Currents and Tributaries Understanding a person's family background can provide a great deal of insight into that person's perspective and behavior.

Their interests and situations were different. What they drove and the way they worked were different. The people they loved and the mistakes they made were different. And yet, there is that resemblance. It is mixed in with other family lines, set in a different frame and a different location in time. Are they the same people? Of course they are not. Each birth is a life unto itself, with a separate identity, experience, and history. Yet even though they are unique and separate individuals, are they the same family?

The rural areas were where people could be found. As more and more people moved into settled regions, towns began to spring up, and gradually churches developed in the new centers of population. Train travel and industrialization brought a new era of church development. With the rail system providing arteries for the rapid transportation of people and goods, trade began to flourish, and larger towns began to grow around significant rail stops. You can still see the evidence of this stage of our social development if you live in or visit some of these old “whistle-stop” towns.

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